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We tend to make our pricing as clear as possible for the customers because we perfectly understand how important it is for them to be able to pre-calculate the costs exactly. Also, at, we can offer you various discount programs and offers that will allow to reduce the price of your order without any loss in its quality.

However, you need to be aware of what the price of your order will consist of. Like that you will know exactly what you spend money on. There are several issues that influence pricing.

  • Type of the paper

Depending on what kind of paper you want us to write, the final price will be different. For example, high school assignments and papers for university or college will have a different cost.

  • Kind of work we do

Also, it is important for you to remember that different types of work have different prices. Let’s say, if you order writing a paper from scratch, it will its price will differ from the price of proofreading, for example. And of course, admission or application assistance will cost even more. Make sure you pay attention to that.

  • Deadline matters

Here everything is simple. The more time our writers have to complete your order the lower price you will get in the end. 

  • Writer’s experience and level

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean that there are low-level writers in our team! We cooperate only with professionals. What we want to say is that a native English-speaking writer or a specialist in a specific field will cost you more than a standard work performer.

  • Additional services

It often happens that our customers need some additional work to do. For example, they can order a plagiarism report, an editor’s check, a table of contents or a list of the sources used by the writer during his or her work. Choosing a particular writer, as well as ordering an instant SMS-notifications regarding your order status is also available. In this case, such services will be paid for additionally to the price
of your paper.

  • Becoming VIP

In case you want your order to be processed first, you can apply for becoming our VIP client. Just add this option when you will be placing an order. This option is extra paid, however.

And if you need more information regarding our pricing or still have questions, feel free to contact us anytime!